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ready2_use – perfect collaboration between client, system partner and KUKA

With the advance of globalization, all market participants are faced with ever growing challenges. KUKA meets these challenges as a global partner, developing global standards. Moreover, this is not done alone, but always in an environment of clients, system integrators and technology partners.

Select your ideal automation solution

KUKA ready2 educate

The training cell for hands-on robotic training offers a complete starter package for entry into robotics.

KUKA Edu ArcWelding

All-in-one education cell with KR AGILUS, Lincoln Electric R450 power supply, fume extractor and education materials for quick learning and programming.

KUKA Edu Additive

Education cell for robotic additive manufacturing. All-in-one, comes ready for training and production.

What advantages does the KUKA training cell offer?

With the new ready2_use packages, we build on the comprehensive automation expertise of, and collaboration with, our system partners. ready2_use solutions are pre-configured and coordinated application packages that have been assembled, documented, and tested. These solutions can be connected quickly and easily to form productive units. Flexible solutions that precisely meet market requirements – simply ready2_use.

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