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The Lisa X offers lightning fast printing, a large working area, access to the full range of materials, and open printing parameters.  All designed to give you more freedom to innovate more and faster.


With the Lisa X you can significantly increase the number of printed parts, along with the sizes.  In most cases, you will wait 24 hours to get your prints. This gives you more options to innovate and the possibility to speed up your breakthrough projects.


SLS technology makes the entire working area accessible without the need for support structures. This has a huge impact on the productivity and makes SLS very competitive in the the FDM and SLA markets.  In addition, the Lisa X gives higher quality of prints, better durability in each axis and super simple post processing without chemicals.

Benefits of the Lisa X

Faster Printing

Faster Printing

Lisa X can print most projects in less than 24 hours, shortening product development cycles.

More Prints per Week

More Prints

The Lisa X enables you to test many more designs and material features faster.

Optimal Print Cost


Lisa X’s revolutionary speed and best powder refresh ratio on the SLS market.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Lisa X is an easy-to-use machine with low cool down time as a complete solution.

Range of Materials

Standard Materials


PA 12 Industrial

PA 11 Onyx

Performance Materials


PA 11 CF

PA 11 ESD (Beta)

Polyproplyne (Beta)

Flexible Materials


Flexa Performance

Recommended Performance Set

What’s Included?

  • Lisa X 3D Printer
  • Powder Tools
  • ATEX Vacuum Cleaner
  • PHS
  • Sandblaster SLS
  • Sinterit Studio Advanced
  • Flight Case
  • Onsite Installation (TX, LA, AR, OK, KS, CO, NM)
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