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Meltio M450

Designed for industry without the need for industrial infrastructure; affordable, reliable, safe and easy to use metal 3D printer. Ideal for small to medium size part fabrication and multi-metal 3D printing research.

Turn-key Metal 3D Printer

Meltio’s multi-metal DED 3D printer allows users to produce metal parts of very high density in a single-step process on a very compact footprint.


The metal 3D printing process is monitored in real time and compesated if required by process control.


Suitable for any environment thanks to a process built around wire, a sealed chamber and a built-in 3 stage filter.

Easy to Use

Automatic toolpath generation and material print profiles supplied by Meltio make for a plug and play experience.


The low capital and running costs of the Meltio M450 make metal 3D printing of conventional parts possible.

Upgrades and Accessories


Hot Wire

Programmable power supply that preheats the material to increase the deposition rate.


Dual Wire

This option allows to 3D print two wire materials sequentially with very quick wire switches.



Sturdy wheeled table made from stainless steel and aluminum. Contains tool and material drawers.

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