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Thanks to E3D High Flow HotEnd, AI Integrated Firmware, CoreXY System and Passive Heated Chamber, Zaxe Z3S offers faster, precise and reliable printing without failure.

Zaxe Z3S has Perfect 3D Printing Experience without compromising Fast


Our current flagship model Zaxe Z3S will provide you with the best industrial 3D printing experience you could ask for with its 400 x 300 x 350mm build volume, E3D Revo High Flow Printhead, and Klipper integrated firmware. You will get fast and accurate prints every time you use your Zaxe Z3S thanks to its CoreXY system.


E3D Revo High Flow Printhead

Achieve optimal speed with E3D Revo High Flow update. E3D Print Heads prolongs your Z3S service life and allows you to rapid nozzle change at the same time. You get reliable performance, while your printing time will significantly shorten.


Innovative CoreXY Mechanical System

Experience the world-class 3D printing performance of Zaxe Z3S thanks to the innovative CoreXY Mechanical System. Zaxe Z3S will provide you with the speed, precision, and consistency that you need to take your production efficiency to the next level.


Klipper Integrated Zaxe Firmware

Klipper is the enforcer between Zaxe Z3S's hardware and software. As Zaxe Z3S's firmware, Klipper will improve print times, allow you to get better surfaces, and increase the precision of your 3D prints.


Passive Heated Chamber

Equipped with a fully enclosed passive heated chamber, Zaxe Z3S is able to keep the temperatures in the print area consistent, assuring better and more reliable results with every material type on the market.


Fully Automatic Calibration

Zaxe Z3S’s fully automatic calibration system completely eliminates guesswork and reduces the margin of error. Even inexperienced users can achieve perfect calibration and save time when they use their 3D printer.



Take your print out without the need for a scraper. The flexible spring steel structure allows it to bend easily and makes removing your print from the build plate easier.

Zaxe Filaments

Zaxe ABS

Zaxe PLA



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