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HP Jet Fusion 5000 Industrial 3D Printer

Take control of the end result, time-to-part, and part quality

Get started on your manufacturing journey with the cutting-edge HP MJF technology and elevate your system with its upgradable capabilities.

Take control of the end result, time-to-part, and part quality

Produce prototypes and end-use parts with fine detail, sharp edges, and defined textures.

Accelerate results and speed up overall time-to-part with in-house production.

Produce functional parts with outstanding isotropy.

Innovate freely with a solution that accommodates multiple designs in one build. Do more—create bigger builds with larger part sizes XY.

Evolve your system when production grows

Upgrade to save costs

Improve your cost per part with a cost structure that adapts to increasing levels of production with the 5200 upgrade kit.

Increase Production

Create an environment where you can print continuously—simply add build units, and increase build capacity from 27 L to 41 L.

Expand to save time and labor

Save time in powder management and reduce labor costs with an optional processing station that enables clean and automated build preparation, rapid cooling, and easier powder removal.

HP Jet Fusion Technology - How does it work?

HP Multi Jet Fusion Technology

Technical White Paper

HP Jet Fusion 5000 3D Printing Solutions Materials

High Reusability PA12

Strong, low-cost10 parts and a reduced carbon footprint

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