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German-engineered to work around the clock


The BigRep ONE is a world-leading large-format 3D printer at an accessible price point. With an install base of over 400 systems, it’s a trusted tool of industrial manufacturers around the world. Featuring a massive one-cubic-meter build volume, the ONE works quickly and reliably to bring your designs to life in full scale.

Perfect for high-strength industrial applications or prototyping in full scale, the ONE comes equipped with two BigRep Power Extruders that feature interchangeable 0.6, 1.0 and 2.0 (mm) nozzles for high-flow or maximum detail additive manufacturing.



Engineered for durability with an award-winning industrial design, the BigRep ONE is a world-leading large-format 3D printer at an affordable price point. Leveraging FFF additive manufacturing to offer the lowest possible cost per part for full-scale industrial production, the ONE is ideal for efficient in-house product development and industrial production



High flow rates ensure minimal lead times for full-scale print jobs so product teams can iterate quickly and unlock the best design faster than ever before. With the best ratio of build-volume to resolution on the market, the ONE is flexible enough to create detailed, large-format parts at incredible speed to address your business needs, whatever they might be.



Industrial users trust the BigRep ONE for high-performance 3D printing that doesn't compromise quality in a wide range of applications. With an install base of over 400 worldwide, the ONE is an award-winning large-format FFF 3D printer expertly made in Germany for full-scale additive manufacturing. Trusted by world-class brands around the world, the ONE is a manufacturing solution for industrial leaders.

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