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An industrial 3D printer based on proven technology

The BigRep STUDIO G2 is a specially designed for reliability with abrasive and engineering-grade materials. Featuring a fully enclosed build envelope, BOFA air filtration system, and temperature-controlled filament chamber, this fast-heating large-format additive manufacturing system produces incredible results with advanced materials.

The STUDIO G2 is a durable, cost-effective partner for innovation and industrial production that makes manufacturing high-quality, large-format parts easy. With a sleek, space-conscious body, perfect for the production of factory tooling in any setting, the STUDIO G2 is optimal for any workspace – from the office to the factory floor.

What is the BigRep Studio G2?


Compatible with a wide variety of engineering-grade materials, the STUDIO G2 creates high-quality parts to match the mechanical properties needed for your most demanding applications. Fully enclosed and including a BOFA air filtration system, the G2 excels with advanced BigRep materials like Polyamide, ASA, carbon-fiber reinforced and more – all specialized for large-format applications.


Built with a sleek, space conscious body that fits neatly into any office or factory floor, the STUDIO G2 provides all the power of BigRep’s advanced additive manufacturing systems with a convenient, ergonomically designed package to fit your most convenient locations.


Based on BigRep’s preceding STUDIO additive manufacturing systems, the STUDIO G2 builds on previously lauded technology that received the prestigious German Innovation Award in 2018. Upgraded with industrial-focused features that improve environmental control and reliability with abrasive materials, the G2 is an evolved industrial system and a reliable partner in innovation.

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