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Create and deliver scalable AR without the need for extensive programming

Drag and Drop Authoring Native loT Integration Online and Offline Experiences Universal Viewer Global Scalability

Vuforia Studio connects your digital and physical workspaces by delivering powerful AR technology that provides real-time insights to help you make better business decisions. Build 3D interactions with all facilities, processes, and objects. Enhance technician training and knowledge transfer with step-by-step visually guided instructions, improve assembly and production time, facilitate collaborative design, and extend the review process across the enterprise without costly prototypes. Elevate sales and marketing efforts with 3D visualizations and demos.

Vuforia Studio Benefits

Build step-by-step visual instruction manuals for new service technicians that improves technical comprehension and simplifies the knowledge transfer process. Maintain the expert knowledge of your aging workforce while simultaneously reducing training timelines and costs.

Designs and prototypes can be deployed to any device, including smart phones, tablets, and wearable devices via its single universal viewer application. Sent to the cloud or internal system wherever it is, collaborate wherever is best for your team and customers. Building enterprise-ready industrial AR experiences improves service, manufacturing, sales and marketing efforts.


Built with drag and drop capabilities, the interface makes content creation a breeze, even for SMEs without prior coding knowledge. Built for enterprise integration, security, and scale, leverage your existing 3D and loT data to reduce development costs. Give your designers and engineers the ability to build better experiences, faster by reusing past data and animated sequences.

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