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Instantly capture procedures from an expert's point of view

Lower Training Cost Minimize Safety Related Penalties Increase Time To Productivity Reduce Downtime

Vuforia Expert Capture is the fastest and most efficient way to create location-specific AR guidance for field technicians. This breakthrough solution utilizes an AR headset to instantly capture complex procedures as they happen, step-by-step, from the expert’s point-of-view. With AR, you can improve workforce productivity and enhance the safety and compliance of your facility. Vuforia Expert Capture helps your experts deliver their decades of knowledge right into the minds of your new technicians, reducing downtime and improving business efficiency.

Vuforia Expert Capture Benefits

By using the Vuforia Capture app with an AR/MR headset, your experts can capture standard and complex procedures directly from their point-of-view. The entire process is recorded as it’s being completed, controlled by voice commands and gestures, and includes location-based steps. Procedures can be edited and enhanced before being published for employee use.

With expert point-of-view training procedures, reduce your training time and costs while improving expert knowledge transfer. With step-by-step instructions and visuals, your new technicians will be able to easily understand each procedure, and quickly begin the process on their own. From start to finish, you can create and share expert procedures without advanced preparations, CAD data, or development efforts. Get your technicians up to speed today.