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With an loT strategy, industrial enterprises gain access to real-time data that will revolutionize how you do business. ThingWorx is the leading platform giving you end-to-end loT capabilities. It delivers valuable data insights across your enterprise, orchestrates smart assets, connects all your assets, and helps build role-based experiences. ThingWorx provides the flexibility and functionality necessary to drive ROl and help you make better, more informed business-decisions.

Real-time actionable data insights to better your processes and improve productivity

Thing Worx allows you to design and develop applications with no expert guidance required. The user-friendly interface gives you a visual application of the modeling and uses templates to help you become more efficient and faster in your development. Use the drag-and-drop tools to give your users a broad range of applications, including analytics and augmented reality.


Suited with the right hardware and method for each individual scenario, you can connect your devices and systems the way that works best for you and your business. Thing Worx uses connection servers, device cloud adapters, out of the box industrial connectivity, and integration framework connectors to be sure you’re getting the best and most data possible, in the simplest format.


Whether you need on-premise and/or public or private clouds, Thing Worx gives you a seamless and customized deployment process. As an open and extensive loT platform, Thing Worx gives you the flexibility to learn more in the way that’s best for you. With its modern architecture, enterprise level scalability is easily obtainable. Connect millions of devices with hundreds of thousands of transactions per second.


Integrate with ease using ThingWorx built in integration capabilities. It can connect with virtually any application that supports a RESTful interface. Once integrated, the ThingModel feature exposes any data needed from the external source making it accessible for all tools and applications. Reduce the time needed to connect to third-party applications like CRM, ERP, PLM, and SCM.



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