Impac Systems Engineering (ISE) is a Texas-based professional engineering services firm in Temple, Texas that utilizes technology, processes and skilled professionals to solve engineering challenges for their customers. ISE’s engineering services span from idea to product design, simulation, prototyping, and then to fabrication, assembly, and production for over 30 years.

ISE is an authorized reseller of various 3D printing technologies including, but not limited to, Materialise Magics Software, HP’s 540/580 and 4200/5200 MJF series, and now AMT’s post-processing system – PostPro3D.

AMT’s PostPro3D is a fully-automated, safe and sustainable post-processing solution that can achieve a surface quality equal to or better than injection molding on polymer 3D printed parts. Impac will use AMT’s PostPro3D machine to transform 3D printed parts into sealed, smoothed and performance enhanced parts suitable for end use in applications such as medical, automotive, consumer sportswear and aerospace/defense.

Scot Andrews, Owner of Impac Systems Engineering stated: “Impac Systems Engineering is always searching for the best solutions to present to our customers. We chose AMT for its quality and reputation. We pride ourselves in partnering with technology that will deliver top performing solutions that bring value, consistency and excellence to our customers.”

Kelly Knake, VP of Production Development at Impac Systems Engineering added: “AMT brings us to the next level in services and solutions that my sales team can bring to our prospects and customers.  They expect us to be leading edge and advising them on the best processes for their 3D printing with HP and Desktop Metal, along with post processing applications to make their end user parts the best quality and look possible.”

Commenting on the partnership, Luis Folgar, AMT’s Chief Technology Officer said: “At AMT, we have a name for the type of relationship established with Impac, ‘delivering safe and sustainable innovation at scale’. AMT’s solutions are unique in the additive manufacturing industry. When we talk about transforming the additive manufacturing industry, this is what we’re referring to, zeroing in on a strategic partner community, really going the extra mile to serve the companies that create products and offer services that serve the full industry experience of manufacturing via 3D printing.”

About AMT
Additive Manufacturing Technologies (AMT) develops fully automated safe and sustainable post processing solutions to enable the industrial production of additively manufactured parts at scale.

Founded in 2017, AMT is headquartered in the UK, with a North American HQ in Austin, TX, and a manufacturing facility in Hungary. The revenue generating company operates internationally with clients and partners across the US, Europe and Asia