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ThingWorx Navigate allows a forward thinking business to utilize data in a whole new way. With a simple to use, role based interface, your business can visualize data from Engineering to End User utilization, allowing everyone to make smarter decisions.

Transform Design Thinking With ThingWorx Navigate

Companies use only 5% of their data to make critical decisions*


Connect PLM and the Enterprise

With a role-based intuitive design. ThingWorx Navigate allows you to mashup data from all types of systems, and visualize ways to design, build and deliver innovative products to the market.


Reduce Operations Costs

By tying multiple systems together, ThingWorx Navigate allows organizations to trace data from engineering to delivery with ease. Imagine being able to drill in on where costs are an issue.



Part of what makes Navigate easy to use is the ability to build apps for a specific role or user. No more complex Uls with query types, multiple pages, and data sets. Just an app that provides the user the data they need to answer business questions.


Global Knowledge

What other questions need answering? With Navigate, data from Cloud, Premises, and SaaS can be unified, providing you with a wealth of information that has yet to be exposed.

*Because query complexity and the need to bridge systems.

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