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MJF 580

500 Series


Compact Full Color 3D Printer

The most compact HP Jet Fusion 3D device, designed for convenient, in-house automated production. The cost-effective HP 3D Printer tailored to small/medium size product development teams, design firms and universities.

The 500 Series offers a print volume of 332 x 190 x 248mm (13.09 x 7.47 x 9.76″)


4200 Series


Industrial prototyping and final part production

Reinvent how you prototype and produce functional parts using the HP 4200 Series printer. This printer delivers quality output, up to 10 times faster at half the cost compared to other technologies.

The 4200 Series offers a build volume of 380 x 284 x 380mm (14.96 x 11.18 x 14.9″)

5200 Series


Expand and scale into mid-volume production

Drive new growth and expand into volume production with HP’s robust, manufacturing ready industrial 3D Printer. Streamline cost with various high reusability materials from PA12 to TPU.

The 5200 Series offers a build volume of 380 x 284 x 380mm (14.96 x 11.18 x 14.96″)




High Reusability materials matching all industries

Through the advanced technology, HP offers high reusability materials that enable users to produce mechanically superior prototypes and end-use parts with minimal waste. 

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