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CADSeek is unlike any other 3D search application. It doesn’t work from surface area or volume, but takes the model’s geometry to provide extremely accurate results. It can compare models and assemblies at the same high resolution as CAD, giving it the ability to differentiate models at a small fraction of a millimeter. Utilizing Al technology and pattern recognition, it is considered one of the best 3D search technologies available. CADSeek has multiple extensions of the software to provide even more powerful insights into your data and model processes.

Use a model’s geometry for the most accurate, comprehensive, and uncluttered search results.




3D Visual Browsing


Enterprise Scale


Universal Applications

CADSeek Benefits

Due to the nature of the software. CADSeek can differentiate models with extreme accuracy. It is also able to find similar models, which is much more of a challenge. This means it’s not only a shape-search application, but also a new method in classifying entire CAD databases using geometry. This is a primary difference between CADSeek and other 3D search applications, giving it a broader range of use cases including analytics.


CADSeeks Navigator segments modules based on aspect ratio giving you an entire CAD database to efficiently find what you’re looking for. They are put into tiles, which can be zoomed, titled, rotated, and flowed-through, to find the target you need for your shape-search. Then you can begin finding similar or exact models and assemblies and can use text filters such as material type to narrow down your results.


CADSeek has proven scalability across CAD datasets with millions of models and enterprises with thousands of users, It is capable of integrating with File Folders, PLM, and proprietary data structures to include all your assets in one 3D search.


Don’t be boxed into one single CAD format by your search-shape application. With CADSeek, you can encompass the formats your organization may encounter. Whether it be with collaborators or acquired companies, CADSeek can integrate and function seamlessly within them. This includes Native CAD and Neutral Formats.

Compatible CADSeek Applications

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