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Girbau DY 130 Dyeing System

The DY130 is a 3D Parts Coloring System that automatically and effectively dyes printed parts and objects produced with HP Jet Fusion 3D printers. Specifically engineered to dye post-process 3D printed parts, the DY130 delivers consistent, color-uniform results using pre-set programs. Operators simply load the parts, select a program and press start. The DY130 automatically dyes and rinses using a perfected blend of water temperature, water levels, colorant and rotation action. The Girbau Inteli Control allows easy program customization to meet customer specific process requirements.

“Low investment, low running cost and completely unattended”

Minimum impact on cost per part, as it requires half of the investment compared to other automatic dyeing equipment.
The Girbau coloring system allows you to Integrate different programs to enable an automatic and unattended process.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

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