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An Open Materials Approach

An open-source 3D printer allows a user to easily process any material they believe to be compatible with the printer — even if that material is not qualified or certified as being compatible by the hardware company such as ETEC.

ETEC’s open-material option gives you the freedom to explore new materials, enables dual material systems so you can plan for low-risk redundancy, or develop your own materials! With tons of options, an ETEC printer offers incredible flexibility.


Hard Plastics

Create parts that meet or beat the properties of popular thermoplastics

With ETEC’s family of hard plastics, you get the dimensional accuracy, surface quality and speed of the world’s leading DLP printing systems, along with material properties rivaling leading thermoplastic materials (e.g. ABS, PA12, ULTEM, and TPU).

So whether you’re looking to mass-produce housings or couplings – ETEC has you and your applications covered!

E-Rigid Form


E-RigidForm is a polyurethane-like resin that 3D prints strong, hard, and stiff end-use parts. E-RigidForm has high tensile strength, delivers good heat deflection, and is water-resistant. E-RigidForm is a versatile and tough material that is ideal for  for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications.



LOCTITE® E-3843 is an ideal material for end use parts production or functional prototyping. An ETEC-validated material from Henkel, E-3843 is a high-performance, high-modulus product which boasts excellent flexural and tensile properties with a relatively high degree of elongation.



A high-strength engineering plastic with good impact resistance and excellent surface finish. Ideal for a wide variety of tools on the production floor as well as end-use functional high production parts in a variety of industries. IND 405 is available in black or clear.

RC Series


ETEC’s RC materials contain ceramic particles allowing for tough and stiff parts with high-temperature resistance. The ability to create parts at very high resolutions makes these materials ideal for applications like custom connectors and high detail mold masters.



E-ToughFlex features very high flexural modulus and strength, as well as hydrophobic properties. With nearly four times more impact resistance than most engineering plastics, ToughFlex is ideal for producing end-use tough parts, and has beautiful surface finish similar to ceramic, with good abrasion resistance.



LOCTITE® MED413 is a medical-grade, high-modulus photopolymer capable of meeting ISO 10993-5 & -10 standards for biocompatibility that delivers excellent flexural and tensile properties. Stiffness combined with toughness makes this material ideal for use in a wide variety of impact-resistant medical devices.



E-GFP is a stiff, tough, heat-resistant material that can be printed in high resolution with excellent surface finish for end-use parts. The material is ideal for a variety of applications, including housings, manufacturing fixtures, electrical connectors, alignment jigs and more.


High Temperature Plastics

ETEC’s high temperature plastics feature best-in-class strength and durability.

With ETEC’s family of high temperature plastics, you get excellent mechanical properties with the added benefits of high heat deflection temperatures (HDT) and materials meeting aerospace vertical burn and FST standards.



E-Perform is a high stiffness and high heat tolerance material ideal for producing 3D printed injection molds. Printed E-Perform molds are capable of resisting wear from highly abrasive materials, such as fiber filled plastics. It is also ideal for end use parts that require steady performance in high pressure and harsh environments, such as parts for wind tunnel testing.



LOCTITE IND406 is a tough, rigid, and durable material that performs well in industrial applications requiring high-temperature resistance. The material offers all-around strength, good impact resistance, and high elongation. IND406 is a great alternative for traditional injection molded plastics such as ABS and PP. The stiffness, toughness, and thermal durability of this material make it ideal for the production of end-use parts across all industries.

HTM 140


ETEC’s HTM140 High-Temperature Mold Material is an ideal material for manufacturers; with a heat deflection temperature of 140°C straight out of the machine, high-definition parts printed in HTM140 can be directly vulcanized in rubber, eliminating the need for a metal master. It can be used in a variety of applications that require thermal resistance such as items to be metalized, high-temp oil and gas applications or tools for small-run injection molding.



LOCTITE® 3955™ is a halogen free, high performance, high modulus material with excellent flexural and tensile physical properties. Parts printed with 3955 showcase an outstanding surface finish making it ideal for interior components for the aerospace and rail industries.



LOCTITE® 3D IND147 delivers high stiffness and toughness while withstanding temperatures up to 230°C. This material is an excellent choice for a range of applications, such as tooling (molds) and the production of high-temperature end use parts.



Access to the toughest printed elastomers on the market with a range of hardnesses and elongations.

Elastic ToughRubber™ (ETR) unlocks the benefits of additive manufacturing for the rubber, polyurethane, and foam industries.  A family of one-part rapid-curing photopolymer resins, ETR features high-throughput print speeds and best-in-class material properties.  Pairing these elastomers with the Xtreme 8K printer ushers in a new era of productivity – allowing you to create at scale stronger, tougher, and more strainable parts featuring high accuracy, isotropic properties, and great printability.

Elastic ToughRubber™ 70 from Adaptive3D


Elastic ToughRubber™ (ETR) unlocks the benefits of additive manufacturing for the rubber, polyurethane, and foam industries. ETR 70 has excellent elongation which makes it great for applications like gaskets and housings.

Elastic ToughRubber™ 90 from Adaptive3D


Elastic ToughRubber™ (ETR) unlocks the benefits of additive manufacturing for the rubber, polyurethane, and foam industries. ETR 90 is a high strength rubber which makes it great for applications like vibration dampening components, seals, and baffles

Soft ToughRubber™ from Adaptive3D


Soft ToughRubber™ (STR) delivers the feel and mechanical properties of silicone while maintaining a high resolution with an amazing surface finish. STR is great for applications like audio earbuds, wearable electronics, and anatomical medical models.



A benchtop single-component elastomeric material with high elongation and high resilience. This material maintains excellent tensile strength with high energy return and does not require secondary thermal post-processing. Ideal for elastomer applications that require lattice structures, such as vibration isolators.


Castable Resins

Resins designed for high-quality castings, providing intricate features and a seamless casting process.

ETEC castable resins address the three key issues with precision castings: achieving fine feature detail, an ash-free burnout cycle, and requiring minimal post-processing.  ETEC castable resins feature the highest wax content in the industry (90%), resulting in a clean casted part with no porosity or flashing – minimizing post-processing, and eliminating the need for filling voids.

EasyCast 2.0


Easy Cast 2.0 is a breakthrough material for the high-speed printing of a castable models. Easy Cast 2.0 is a photopolymer with the highest wax content available in 3D printing today. What’s more, because of the addition of special hardeners, Easy Cast 2.0 delivers exceptionally crisp features, similar to ETEC’s low- and no-wax materials.

WIC 100 Series


With 20% powder wax content, WIC 100 delivers fine print details and fast printing speeds, along with a standard wax burn-out cycle with regular gypsum investment. During the burn-out cycle, the nano-wax melts away first allowing the resin to burn off without excessive expansion.



Epic has been developed for direct investment casting of products for the jewelry market. It offers excellent burn out properties and builds with the highest quality and crisp detail. Parts made using Epic evaporate at moderate burn-out temperatures without reacting with your investment and offer an extremely low thermal expansion.

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