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Rapid production of strong,

fully-isotropic end-use parts.

The Envision One features patented CDLM (continuous digital light manufacturing) technology, which enables the ability for continuous printing. With little to no delay between layers, the Envision One delivers exceptional speed, print resolution, surface finish, and part properties.

The Envision One Key Features

High Resolution


The Envision One cDLM delivers best in class part resolution and accuracy to print incredibly crisp features and hold tightest tolerances.

DLP is known for having incredibly high resolution parts and the EnvisionONE CDLM takes accuracy to new heights.

By using industrial DLP chips, verus cheaper consumer grade chips, and a custom designed optical train enable high contrast and minimal distortion for the projected picture resulting in accuracy down to the micron level.

The cDLM domeless printing process eliminates the “dome” effect to deliver incredible Z accuracy.

High-Speed Printing


The cDLM process allows for continuous printing without the need to peel each layer off the film after it is polymerized.

A ‘dead zone’ is formed by flowing a thin layer of oxygen above the film of the printing bed. Within this ‘dead zone’ the polymerization process is inhibited ensuring the layer being printed adheres to the layer above and not the printing bed film. This ‘dead zone’ is what enables continuous printing, where the build plate can continually move in the Z axis, leading to faster, more reliable prints.

Best Part Performance


The Envision One cDLM produces end-use parts with properties that meet or exceed that of traditionally manufactured plastic components, such as injection molded plastics.

Unlike most plastic additive manufacturing methods, parts created via CDLM are made up of entangled long-chain polymers, making them fully isotropic. This is vastly different from processes like FDM, which create anisotropic parts with few, if any, polymer chains between each layer. To create those long-chain polymers, printers must be able to process highly viscous resins which require large amounts of power to polymerize. Their high viscosity means these resins cannot be jetted (PolyJet), and would take too long to process with vector based polymerization methods (SLA).

Wide Material Compatability


The Envision One has a material for every application, from ultra-high resolution hard plastics, to FDA-cleared dental materials, to castable waxes for jewelry.


The Envision One printer is capable of efficiently printing a wide variety of materials. No matter what the application is; the Envision One can print a material with the required properties. Unlike some competitive resin systems, shelf life of unused material is never a concern as any uncured resin can be easily stored and reused for months, enabling economic material usage.

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