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BigRep VIIO 250 – Next Level Automated Production

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The BigRep VIIO 250 is a fully automated large-scale 3D printer for reliable continuous industrial manufacturing. To achieve this, the machine is built with breakthrough automation features, such as Relay Mode, a backup extruder function, auto print bed calibration, auto sequential printing, and the Infinity Box, VIIO 250’s automated filament handler.

Equipped with dual Smart Manufacturing Extruders (SMX) and an intuitive human machine interface (HMI), using an industrial 3D printer has never been easier.

Print more parts in less time with the BigRep VIIO 250.

Open Material Systems Prints ALL COMPATIBLE FILAMENTS

The heart of all BigRep machines is the material system that’s open for innovation. Print with any compatible filament of your choice – BigRep’s or a 3rd party’s – and unlock new applications with the VIIO 250.

BigRep's portfolio of industrial-grade 3D printer filaments ranges from affordable, general-use materials to technical materials for demanding industrial applications. They are created under carefully controlled conditions to guarantee uniform diameter and consistent composition ensuring reliable, even extrusion.

BigRep VIIO 250 with print_2

Large Scale Build Volume

The 250-liter (1000mm X 500mm X 500mm) spacious build chamber comes with an active temperature control up to 50°C. Built with a compact design, the VIIO 250 offers large-format printing capabilities in a robust, sleek frame that fits for any workspace.

BigRep VIIO 250 dual SMX

Dual SMX Extruders

The dual Smart Manufacturing Extruders (SMX) are equipped with advanced print monitoring capabilities and reach up to 350°C with embedded sensors for precise control. Available in 3 nozzle sizes – 0.4, 0.6, and 1.0 mm - both extruders include LED light indicators to signal different print statuses.

BigRep VIIO 250 bed mapping

24/7 Automation

Auto calibration, including bed mapping and flow rate adjustment, makes printing easier than ever. The Infinity Box automatically loads new filament during the print job, and Relay Mode automatically switches to a backup extruder for reliable non-stop printing.

BigRep VIIO 250 filament handling

Open Materials Platform

The VIIO 250 is an open material platform. Use BigRep filament for best quality or third-party filament for maximum flexibility. The new Infinity Box holds up to 4 spools of 8 kg each and doubles as an active keep-dry box to store filament in optimal conditions.

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