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HIGH-TEMP 3D Printer for Demanding Applications


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Reliable Manufacturing of Complex Parts

The ALTRA 280 is a high-performance industrial powerhouse with an expansive build volume. It delivers unrivaled reliability with up to 4 state-of-the-art extruders. These controlled dual extruders with their respective backups are groundbreaking in additive manufacturing, delivering flawless prints every time. The high-temperature capabilities enable peak-level 3D printing for demanding applications from aerospace to defense to automotive industries.

The ALTRA 280 is everything at once – a large, fast, reliable, high-temp industrial machine. It delivers complex production-quality parts without compromise.

Open Material Systems Prints ALL COMPATIBLE FILAMENTS

The heart of all BigRep machines is the material system that’s open for innovation. Print with any compatible filament of your choice – BigRep’s or a 3rd party’s – and unlock new applications with the ALTRA 280.

BigRep's portfolio of industrial-grade 3D printer filaments ranges from affordable, general-use materials to technical materials for demanding industrial applications. They are created under carefully controlled conditions to guarantee uniform diameter and consistent composition ensuring reliable, even extrusion.


High-Temp Capabilities

The build chamber and print bed reach up to 180°C, enabling applications using high-performance materials such as ULTEM 9085 and PEEK. During printing the build chamber doubles as a tempering system, enhancing the mechanical properties, functionality, and dimensional stability of the parts.


Large Scale Accuracy

With a build chamber of 500 mm x 700 mm x 800mm (build volume of 280 liters) it can produce intricate full-fledged prototypes, production, and end-use parts. Thanks to the welded frame, ball screws and servo motors like those found in CNC technology, ALTRA 280 achieves the accuracy and repeatability you expect in an industrial machine. Experience unrestricted print freedom, and reliably print precise parts without compromising on size.


Even Temp Distribution

Consistent temperature is key for excellent prints and a requirement for high-performance parts. Reaching temperatures up to 180°C, the ALTRA 280 print bed maintains uniform heat distribution. The Airflow control technology tempers the prints precisely translating to parts with consistent mechanical properties where other 3D printers face delamination and inconsistencies.


Up to 4 Extruders

The ALTRA 280 is equipped with up to 4 DSX (Direct Synchronized Extruders) capable of printing at 450°C up to 20kg in one cycle. Achieve complex prints with dual extruders and ensure seamless production with two respective backup extruders. Each DSX is a masterpiece, with integrated cooling channels and multiple sensors for monitoring and control.


Automated Quick Start

Getting started is quick and easy with ALTRA 280 thanks to the numerous automatic functions including print bed calibration via topology measurement and corresponding automatic compensation. After a smooth start, many built-in sensors will secure your 24/7 operation while the HD wide angle camera enables real-time remote monitoring so you won't miss a thing.


Heated Vacuum Bed

Improve your print success thanks to the vacuum print bed with material-specific print bed surfaces. Your prints stay put while still easy to remove after printing. Heated up to 180°C with embedded electrical wiring, the vacuum print bed's achieves extremely homogeneous temperature distribution. This ensures accurate prints and superior layer adhesion even while producing large intricate parts.

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